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When Is An Injury Catastrophic?

The Ellis Firm, APLC, seeks compensation for all serious injuries. But we take a special interest in cases in which injuries are severe.

A catastrophic injury can be to any part of the body. What distinguishes it from other injuries is that it alters the course of the individual’s life. Catastrophic injuries are permanently disabling and call for far greater resources over the course of the individual’s life than other injuries.

When is an injury catastrophic? Catastrophic conditions include:

  • Paralysis and other significant spinal cord damage
  • Injury to the brain and head
  • Crushing and severe bone damage
  • Loss of vision, speech or hearing
  • Severe burns and disfigurement
  • Lung damage

All That You Will Need In The Years Ahead

Much of the work of financial recovery involves the calculation of all that the individual will need. Compensation is available for medical bills, including rehabilitation and in-home help. Loss of ability to work is included, as well as the pain, frustration and suffering of having one’s life turned inside out.

Our goal as your attorney is to put every penny you have coming to you in your hands.

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