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Drunk driver who killed two goes on trial

Suffering an injury or caring for someone injured by a negligent driver can be both physically and emotionally life changing. It is not only important to understand how the event occurred, but it is also crucial that the injured party recovers and heals properly.

Simi Valley fireworks accident turns display into a war zone

People in San Diego know that the 4th of July can be a dangerous time when fireworks and pyrotechnics are involved, but even despite the numerous warnings and safety precautions year after year, this 4th of July was no different. In fact, it was far worse for dozens of horrified fireworks watchers who suffered burn injuries after a Simi Valley fireworks display went catastrophically wrong.

July 4 is time to celebrate, but remember fire safety

People in San Diego know that July usually means spending time with family and friends outdoors, grilling, and of course, fireworks. Unfortunately, with all of these fun activities comes a high risk of injuries, particularly burn injuries. While people should enjoy themselves this summer, they should also be aware of fireworks-related hazards, including personal injury and property damage. Flammable materials, alcohol and faulty grills and fireworks can come together to create a perfect storm of burn injury threats.

Southern California residents suffer more vicious dog attacks

People in San Diego may have heard about a rash of dog attacks around the area lately. In late June two pit bulls attacked an older woman and her pet Chihuahua as they were walking around their neighborhood in the Harbor City neighborhood of Los Angeles. The dogs rushed at the woman and her pup before they had a chance to protect themselves. As the woman tried to scoop up the tiny dog, the two pit bulls mauled and killed it

Parents speak out after son critically injured and nanny killed

Our readers may remember hearing about a tragic car accident back in February that nearly claimed the life of a young boy and killed his nanny. After months of focusing on nursing their son back to health, the family has recently spoken out about the incident for the first time.

Driver charged with Del Mar hit-and-run to head to trial

San Diego, California, should be a safe place for bicyclists and motorists alike. In a recent case, police were able to apprehend a driver accused of killing a cyclist. The 19-year-old driver accused of causing a deadly bike accident in Del Mar earlier this month may face up to four years in state prison if convicted.

Study finds many truck drivers don't get enough sleep

Many people in San Diego, California, have so much to accomplish in their daily lives that they often end up neglecting a very important facet of their health: sleep. For many workers, being drowsy at work might mean being less productive or making more errors. For those of us with jobs that are concentrated mainly behind a desk, this is perhaps an inconvenience but not a hazard. However, the same cannot be said for those who drive for a living.

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