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When a dangerous dog attacks, who is responsible?

Imagine for a moment you are playing with your children at a public park or green space, when out of nowhere a vicious dog begins attacking yourself or your children. Such shocking and violent attacks have happened far too often in California, leaving adults and children with serious physical and emotional scars that can last a lifetime. The California Legislature has specifically recognized the serious problem these dangerous animal attacks pose to the public, and as such, they have gone to great lengths to establish a system of laws and regulations which attempt to curb the danger, but also adequately penalize those whose pet animals cause injury or death to others.

Hit and run disrupts funeral procession

People in San Diego may have heard about an unusual accident that occurred in the Mountain View area earlier this month, when a driver struck a man who was directing a funeral procession, causing him serious injuries. The driver then jumped out, abandoning his vehicle at the scene of the crash and escaping on foot.

What if multiple parties are at fault in a CA car accident?

When it comes to assessing fault and liability for accidents and injuries in California, there are a few concepts that people should be aware of when deciding about whether to file a civil lawsuit. California's civil tort laws hold that a person is responsible whenever they act negligently, or fail to act if they owe a duty of care to someone, but their duty to compensate the victim is limited to the amount of fault they are responsible for.

Hosts who allow underage drinking may be held liable

People in San Diego know that the law can be pretty unforgiving when it comes to drunk driving, especially when those drivers cause property damage or even injure or kill another person. In addition to strict criminal penalties for DUI, drunk drivers who harm another person are open to tremendous civil liability. With the help of an experienced California personal injury attorney, car accident victims may be able to obtain significant monetary damages for their losses. But this civil and criminal liability doesn't always stop with just the driver; it may extend to the person who allowed him or her to drink in the first place.

Airbag defect can make safety feature spray shrapnel

Car owners in San Diego got some shocking news earlier this month when government officials declared that as many as 20 million cars on the road in the U.S. may have faulty airbag systems. Not only are the airbags potentially faulty, but they can apparently rupture and cause metal shrapnel to shoot out upon deployment after a car accident.

Loved ones of a decedent in California may be due compensation

In some circumstances, people in California who are injured in an auto accident due to another person's negligent actions may be entitled to compensation. But what happens when that victim dies as a result of the auto accident? The victim, also known as the decedent, may not be around to fight any legal battles against the negligent party, but fortunately California law allows a select class of people to step in and act on the decedent's behalf in the lawsuit after a car accident.

Accident victims shouldn't wait to pursue a lawsuit

California, like every other state in the U.S., has set deadlines that victims of accidents must follow if they want to bring their claims for damages before the civil court. The deadline, called the statute of limitations, requires a victim who suffers a personal injury to file their case within two years of the injury, or if the injury is not immediately known, within one year of the date the injury is discovered.

Owners are responsible for dog bite injuries on their property

Dogs can be a wonderful companions, protectors, and lifelong friends, but unfortunately in the hands of an irresponsible owner, a dog can also be a deadly menace. That is why California has laws specifically geared toward imposing liability upon dog owners when those dogs bite another person under certain circumstances.

Organized "zombie walk" ends in real horror

People in the San Diego area have become accustomed to the hordes of costumed fanatics that descend upon the city every year for the annual Comic-Con, a convention dedicated to all things sci-fi, horror, comic book and otherwise. The festivities are usually well-organized and well-received, but an unfortunate car accident at this year's convention has organizers rethinking some of their planned activities in the future.

Understanding the laws of negligence in California

Car accidents are a fact of life on California's busy streets and highways, and even the most defensive driver may find themselves on the wrong end of a nasty car crash from time to time. In addition to the risk of personal injury, people who suffer car accidents have to go through the enormous hassle of dealing with insurance companies, the police or highway patrol and finding a competent person to repair or replace their vehicle. All of this costs time and money and can leave a busy person in a difficult position.

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