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Posts tagged "personal injury"

Wrongful death claims vs survivors' actions

Wrongful death claims are not the only action Californians can take when a loved died because another party has been negligent. There is a lesser known method of obtaining damages called survivors' actions. They are similar, but different.

How can I file a complaint about a nursing home?

Nursing homes in California might not all be relaxation and enjoyment. For every well-manicured green lawn and attentive and caring staff member, there may well be an unsanitary facility and an abusive or neglectful nurse or assistant. Unqualified or short-handed staff, abusive workers, unsanitary or overcrowded facilities and lack of sufficient medical care are all major problems that California senior citizens are facing, but those who don't take matters into their own hands may never be able to correct the problem.

State nursing home reports show much room for improvement

People in California who have parents or loved ones reaching their later years know that they may have some difficult choices to make when it comes to finding them affordable and reliable assistance and medical care. California's unprecedented aging population is putting a strain on the number of nursing home facilities and home health care nurses, especially as today's seniors are, on average, living longer lives than ever before.

Nursing home oversight change could be bad news for seniors

People in California who have loved ones in nursing homes or assisted living facilities might be interested in a recent article about the Governor's new approach to nursing home oversight in Los Angeles County and across the state. The governor's new budget would shift a lot of the responsibility for the inspection and certification of nursing homes and other specialized medical and care facilities to the counties, many of which will have to adapt and create new programs to meet this new challenge.

California dog attacks at home or in public have consequences

San Diego is a city made for dog lovers. With an enjoyable climate year-round and numerous parks, trails and other places for dogs and their humans to enjoy, it is no wonder that so many San Diego residents often take their dogs with them almost everywhere they go. However, there is a potential downside to having so many dogs in one area, which is the fact that even good pets sometimes act badly. When a dog bites, jumps on or knocks over a person, serious injuries can occur, leaving the victim in a very difficult position.

How do burn injuries most commonly occur?

People in California who love to cook know that many accidents can occur in the kitchen. Surround a person with enough sharp objects, hot surfaces and the pressure of a hungry family or guests and it's easy to see why the kitchen is the place where most burn injuries commonly occur in the home. To avoid burns occurring in the kitchen, people should always keep an eye on their pots and pans while they are cooking and always turn the handles towards in the inside of the counter, so that others can't grab or knock them over. If a fire actually ever does break out, people should keep a fire extinguisher ready and accessible at all times. If a person tries to use water to put out a grease fire, the results can be significantly worse.

Report shows burn injuries still a major cause of hospitalization

People in California who have ever dealt with a burn injury know how painful and difficult to treat they can be. The healing process for major burns can take many months of intense treatment and bandaging, creating a major inconvenience at the very least, but often much worse. Burn injuries are notoriously painful, and even once healed can leave significant scarring and unsightly permanent physical symptoms.

Man's best friend isn't always so friendly

Many people in California have household pets, and an overwhelming favorite in many homes is a dog. In fact, more than half of all households in the U.S. have a pet, totaling over 80 million homes across the nation. Though most people could never imagine their beloved dog ever attacking or biting a person, such incidents can and do happen. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have studied this common problem and concluded that some 4.5 million people are bitten by a dog every year.

How to handle a dog bite injury

Getting attacked by a dog can be an extremely traumatic experience, especially when the attack and the injuries are significant. After suffering such a frightening event, many people have difficulty keeping a clear head, but in order to fully document and address the situation, there are several basic steps a dog bite victim must take. The first step is obviously to get to a safe place and seek immediate medical attention, as an untreated dog bite can lead to infection, permanent scarring and other nasty consequences.

How to report elder abuse or neglect

People in California who have ever had to entrust the care and support of a loved one to another caretaker know how stressful this situation can be. Even after doing substantial background checks and thoroughly investigating the caretaker or nursing home, it's just human nature to worry that a loved one is not receiving proper care. Unfortunately, sometimes those worries wind up to be well-founded.

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