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Posts tagged "negligent driver"

Negligent driver seriously injures Fiesta Island cyclist

People in San Diego may have heard about a tragic traffic accident that left one cyclist facing life-threatening and life-altering injuries. The accident occurred earlier this month on Fiesta Island, a popular destination for cyclists due to the fact that many streets are one-way, and car traffic is relatively light. Unfortunately, this sense of security was shattered when a wrong-way driver, who is believed to have been under the influence of drugs at the time of the crash, slammed her vehicle into a large group of cyclists, injuring approximately 10 people in the crash.

Organized "zombie walk" ends in real horror

People in the San Diego area have become accustomed to the hordes of costumed fanatics that descend upon the city every year for the annual Comic-Con, a convention dedicated to all things sci-fi, horror, comic book and otherwise. The festivities are usually well-organized and well-received, but an unfortunate car accident at this year's convention has organizers rethinking some of their planned activities in the future.

Understanding the laws of negligence in California

Car accidents are a fact of life on California's busy streets and highways, and even the most defensive driver may find themselves on the wrong end of a nasty car crash from time to time. In addition to the risk of personal injury, people who suffer car accidents have to go through the enormous hassle of dealing with insurance companies, the police or highway patrol and finding a competent person to repair or replace their vehicle. All of this costs time and money and can leave a busy person in a difficult position.

Comedian Morgan goes after Wal-Mart in new lawsuit

People in California and across the United States were shocked to hear that actor and comedian Tracy Morgan was barely clinging to life after a horrific truck accident in June. The accident occurred when Morgan and his entourage were stuck in traffic, and a truck came barreling into the back of their limousine bus. Morgan suffered serious injury, but after numerous surgeries and procedures, he should ultimately recover from the horrible car accident. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for his friend and fellow rider, James McNair, who died in the crash.

Comedy star Morgan seriously injured in truck crash

Dangers and risks often exist on the roadways across the nation. These increase when a driver is negligent. An unsuspecting driver could be seriously affected by a negligent driver causing them serious injuries and severe damages.

Cop killed in hit and run accident

People in San Diego may have heard about a terrible car accident earlier this month that claimed the life of a veteran Los Angeles police officer. It is always tragic when an officer of the law loses their life in the line of duty, but shockingly this has happened several times in the Los Angeles area recently. In the last two months, three LAPD officers have died in traffic fatalities.

Bicycle accident caused by truck on Pacific Coast Highway

San Diego residents know that the sprawling Pacific Coast Highway can be a beautiful place for a scenic drive or bicycle ride. But when bikers and cars share the narrow and winding road, the results can be deadly.

Drunk driver who killed two goes on trial

Suffering an injury or caring for someone injured by a negligent driver can be both physically and emotionally life changing. It is not only important to understand how the event occurred, but it is also crucial that the injured party recovers and heals properly.

Black boxes could save vital information in car crashes

People in San Diego may have heard a lot of news about privacy concerns and government data collection in the media over the last few months. But one important piece of news may have slipped past many people, even though they may be affected by it every day. It turns out that hundreds of thousands of people unknowingly have a mysterious data collection unit in their cars, which can provide data about the car and the driver.

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