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How do you get compensated when you are the only driver in the crash?

Insurance companies don't like paying for single-car accidents. (Not that they like paying for any accident.) They see that you suffered head injuries when your car went off the road, and they think:

Fighting a legal battle while suffering from injuries is not easy

People in California who have been injured in a car accident have a whole list of new concerns that they must juggle in addition to their everyday lives. Car crash victims may have to worry about fixing or replacing their vehicle, dealing with insurance companies, as well as paying their medical bills and other unexpected costs. Those who are seriously injured might even have more grave concerns, such as regaining their health and mobility.

Small claims court can be good for small accidents and injuries

People in California who have been through a minor car accident probably just want the whole ordeal to be over and done with as soon as possible. However, they probably don't want to give up their rights and get stuck paying significant car repair bills, medical bills, insurance premiums and other costs stemming from the accident. When the other parties involved in the accident or insurance companies won't cooperate, sometimes taking them to court is the only solution.

The hidden costs of a car accident

Owning a car in southern California is a luxury that many people take for granted, until they stop and think about how much it costs to own and drive a car. Of course, most drivers in California also know that without their car, they may not be able to get where they need to be. A lot of people take all of the good that their car does for them for granted, as well, until, of course, they have to do without it.

CA insurance companies do not want to pay after car accidents

People who are injured in a California car accident, slip and fall or any other accident have a lot of things to worry about. Not only does paying for unexpected and costly medical treatment become a serious issue, but if a person's injuries are severe enough, they may not even be able to continue working, compromising or completely cutting off the income of a person or family.

There's no harm in exploring your legal options with an attorney

After suffering a car accident, victims understandably have a lot on their minds. They may have large bills to pay and, in some cases, they may be dealing with serious injury and could be facing the prospect of lost wages and time off from work. Perhaps even worse is the uncertainty of the future, as people wonder whether they will face persistent or recurring medical problems as a result of their injuries, and how they can afford to pay for ongoing medical treatment.

Understanding the laws of negligence in California

Car accidents are a fact of life on California's busy streets and highways, and even the most defensive driver may find themselves on the wrong end of a nasty car crash from time to time. In addition to the risk of personal injury, people who suffer car accidents have to go through the enormous hassle of dealing with insurance companies, the police or highway patrol and finding a competent person to repair or replace their vehicle. All of this costs time and money and can leave a busy person in a difficult position.

Cop killed in hit and run accident

People in San Diego may have heard about a terrible car accident earlier this month that claimed the life of a veteran Los Angeles police officer. It is always tragic when an officer of the law loses their life in the line of duty, but shockingly this has happened several times in the Los Angeles area recently. In the last two months, three LAPD officers have died in traffic fatalities.

Employers, not just drivers, may be held liable in car wrecks

Readers in San Diego may have heard about an interesting court decision in the California Court of Appeals recently. A California woman crashed into a motorcyclist in the parking lot of a frozen yogurt shop. The motorcyclist sued, and the court ruled that not only was the woman liable for the damages she caused, but her employer could be held liable as well.

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