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What damages are allowed in a wrongful death case?

People in California who have lost a loved one need time for grieving the life of a close friend or family member. But when their loved one is killed as the result of another person's negligent or reckless behavior, they may also want justice by holding that person accountable for their actions. People who cause the wrongful death of another in California may be required to pay significant damages to the remaining spouse, children or other immediate family members of the deceased victim.

Hit and run disrupts funeral procession

People in San Diego may have heard about an unusual accident that occurred in the Mountain View area earlier this month, when a driver struck a man who was directing a funeral procession, causing him serious injuries. The driver then jumped out, abandoning his vehicle at the scene of the crash and escaping on foot.

Hosts who allow underage drinking may be held liable

People in San Diego know that the law can be pretty unforgiving when it comes to drunk driving, especially when those drivers cause property damage or even injure or kill another person. In addition to strict criminal penalties for DUI, drunk drivers who harm another person are open to tremendous civil liability. With the help of an experienced California personal injury attorney, car accident victims may be able to obtain significant monetary damages for their losses. But this civil and criminal liability doesn't always stop with just the driver; it may extend to the person who allowed him or her to drink in the first place.

Fatal construction zone drunk driver convicted of murder

People in San Diego may have heard about the recent conviction of a man who slammed his vehicle into the back of another car while speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol killing two construction workers in the process. The man was charged with and convicted of second-degree murder, vehicular manslaughter, DUI and other charges. The court will sentence him to up to 30 years to life in prison for his crimes.

Cab driver killed in hit-and-run accident

People in San Diego may have heard about a tragic accident that took the life of a 42-year-old cab driver, a family man who had come to the United States with his wife and kids to take advantage of the promise of opportunity to earn an honest living. Sadly that opportunity vanished in the blink of an eye, when a suspected drunk driver came barreling down the wrong lane directly at his cab.

Drunk driver kills defenseless pedestrian in hit and run

People in the San Diego area may have heard about a horrible hit-and-run accident that left a 27-year-old woman dead, and her friends and family struggling to cope with their loss. The accident occurred on a Friday night, when the woman and her friend were out for a stroll. As the two crossed the intersection of Coast Boulevard and Camino Del Mar, an allegedly drunk driver ran the stop sign, plowing over the defenseless woman in the middle of the street before taking off.

Do state laws encourage hit and run drivers?

People in California may have read a controversial news article about hit and run driving laws in California, and how the lack of a sufficiently severe penalty may be contributing to the rise in drivers who flee the scene of a car accident.

Horrific crash kills six, drunk driver may be to blame

It seems like people in San Diego can hardly go a week without hearing about another drunk driving tragedy, and the month of February has been no exception. The most recent accident to grab headlines occurred earlier this month in the east Los Angeles suburb of Diamond Bar, when a wrong-way driver caused a head-on collision with another vehicle in the early morning hours.

DUI dangers start well below legal limit

Researchers at the University of California at San Diego have been busy lately, studying the facts and trying to keep the roads safer for everyone across the country. Everyone knows that drunk driving is a serious problem in the United States, which is why there are tough laws against people who drive with a blood-alcohol content of .08 percent or more.

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