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Posts tagged "animal bites"

The emotional impact of a dog bite injury

Many of our readers may not know it, but animal bites are very common in San Diego and across the United States. Dogs, in particular, bite thousands of people nationwide every year. In many of these cases, the bite victim will suffer serious physical injuries. The worst of these injuries will require medical attention and may leave visible scars. Some victims of dog bites will rack up thousands of dollars in medical expenses having their injuries treated.

Dog bites becoming more common for postal workers

There are many different types of situations in which a resident of Southern California could suffer a dog bite. Sometimes it is a loose dog in the neighborhood, other times it may be a dog that has never been aggressive before, but that "snaps" in a particular environment. Most dog bites are difficult to foresee, but people in one particular profession have been dealing with aggressive dogs for many years -- postal workers.

How can California residents treat an injury from a dog bite?

In a previous post, this blog outline ways in which California residents can avail themselves of the use of the civil courts to pursue compensation if they are the victim of an animal bite. Dog bites, in particular, are often the subject of these types of personal injury cases. In fact, some reports state that approximately 90 percent of all animal bite cases involve dog bites. As was mentioned in the previous post, these attacks can leave a victim with serious injuries that can cause significant physical pain, scarring and, potentially, disfigurement.

Pursuing compensation after an animal attack

Many California residents may need to file a personal injury lawsuit against another individual in order to attempt to receive compensation. Sometimes this can prove to be uncomfortable. However, civil courts in California and throughout the nation exist for the very purpose of compensating a person who has suffered economic damage due to the actions or inaction of another party. Animal bites are the perfect example.

The immediate aftermath of a dog bite injury

Many of our readers may know someone who has been bitten by a dog. In some of these cases, the injuries sustained from a dog bite can be very serious in nature, leading to permanent disfigurement and extreme pain. Dog bites are the source of thousands of personal injury lawsuits throughout the country every year.

Overview of the potential defenses in a dog bite claim

Some of our San Diego area readers may believe that if they suffer an injury from a dog bite that the owner of that dog is automatically responsible. And, in some cases, that is true. However, the circumstances in which the dog bite occurs can be an important factor in determining who is actually at fault, and in some cases there may be an applicable defense.

The right approach for a victim of a dog bite injury

Most people generally like dogs, and many never even think about the possibility that they could be the victim of a severe dog bit injury. However, the fact is that every day in California there are probably a number of people who are injured by a dog bite, whether it is from their own dog or a dog that belongs to someone else.

Woman found dead, police suspect dog attack

A 30-year-old woman was discovered dead in the backyard of a San Diego County residence on November 11, and police suspect the cause of death may have been a vicious dog attack. Police noted the woman had numerous dog bite injuries on her body, and they had to call animal control to secure eight large dogs running loose in the backyard of the property.

District Attorney steps up to protect dog bite victims

Earlier this month the San Diego County District Attorney's office announced that a man would be charged for his role in an incident where two pit bulls under his control viciously attacked a family who was jogging on a trail in Valley Center. The pit bulls mauled two young men, who sustained serious injuries from the dog bites.

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