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How do burn injuries most commonly occur?

People in California who love to cook know that many accidents can occur in the kitchen. Surround a person with enough sharp objects, hot surfaces and the pressure of a hungry family or guests and it's easy to see why the kitchen is the place where most burn injuries commonly occur in the home. To avoid burns occurring in the kitchen, people should always keep an eye on their pots and pans while they are cooking and always turn the handles towards in the inside of the counter, so that others can't grab or knock them over. If a fire actually ever does break out, people should keep a fire extinguisher ready and accessible at all times. If a person tries to use water to put out a grease fire, the results can be significantly worse.

Report shows burn injuries still a major cause of hospitalization

People in California who have ever dealt with a burn injury know how painful and difficult to treat they can be. The healing process for major burns can take many months of intense treatment and bandaging, creating a major inconvenience at the very least, but often much worse. Burn injuries are notoriously painful, and even once healed can leave significant scarring and unsightly permanent physical symptoms.

Fiery California bus crash kills 10, injures more

People in San Diego may have heard about the horrific charter bus crash that occurred earlier this month in Northern California. The bus involved in the collision was one of three charter buses that were traveling north from Los Angeles to Humboldt State University. The trip was supposed to be a joyous one, filled with opportunities for many underprivileged youths in the Southern California area who were getting a chance to find out more about the possibility of continuing their education at a higher level. Instead, the day abruptly turned tragic when an accident occurred.

Simi Valley fireworks accident turns display into a war zone

People in San Diego know that the 4th of July can be a dangerous time when fireworks and pyrotechnics are involved, but even despite the numerous warnings and safety precautions year after year, this 4th of July was no different. In fact, it was far worse for dozens of horrified fireworks watchers who suffered burn injuries after a Simi Valley fireworks display went catastrophically wrong.

July 4 is time to celebrate, but remember fire safety

People in San Diego know that July usually means spending time with family and friends outdoors, grilling, and of course, fireworks. Unfortunately, with all of these fun activities comes a high risk of injuries, particularly burn injuries. While people should enjoy themselves this summer, they should also be aware of fireworks-related hazards, including personal injury and property damage. Flammable materials, alcohol and faulty grills and fireworks can come together to create a perfect storm of burn injury threats.

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