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Slip And Fall Accidents Archives

California woman sues after suffering injuries in a fall

It seems that areas in California and across the country are embracing the use of electric scooters. While there may be many benefits to having these available, there is also the potential that they could cause serious harm if there are not rules in place that are strictly enforced. Unfortunately, an elderly woman in California recently filed a lawsuit after claiming she suffered injuries in a fall involving these scooters.

Who is liable for a slip-and-fall accident in California?

Most everyone has had a moment in their lives when their toe has caught on an uneven surface or they have slipped in a puddle of water on the floor, causing them to stumble. While this is likely a relatively minor incident in most cases, a fall in such a scenario can often cause relatively serious injuries. For many people in California who were injured in a slip-and-fall accident, or other fall-related injuries, the question becomes, who is liable?

Woman settles suit with city regarding slip-and-fall accident

Most people realize the importance of being aware of their surroundings to help preserve their personal safety. Unfortunately, many people in California and across the country find themselves suffering as a result of another party's negligence. In fact, a woman in another state recently agreed to settle a lawsuit against the city that she claims is responsible for her slip-and-fall accident.

Jury awards woman almost $2 million after slip-and-fall accident

For many people in California, stopping by a grocery or convenience store is a relatively mundane part of their day. They pick up the items they need, pay and continue with their day. Unfortunately, one woman's life was significantly altered after she was the victim of a slip-and-fall accident in another state. She was recently awarded more that $1.9 million in damages in response to the personal injury lawsuit she filed as a result of the injuries she suffered.

What to do when a slip-and-fall accident is caused by negligence

Every person has likely had a moment where he or she tripped over a raised sidewalk and slipped on a wet floor. In many incidents in California, people are able to recover their balance without significant harm. Unfortunately, some who are the victims of a slip-and-fall accident suffer serious injuries that will impact them for the rest of their lives.

Woman sues businesses after injury in slip-and-fall accident

When a person in California or other area of the country suffers an injury, he or she often has difficulty paying the resulting medical bills. Between this financial hardship and the desire to force a negligent person or business to take action to prevent future harm to someone else, many victims often feel as if they have no option but to turn to litigation. A woman in another state who claims she was the victim of a slip-and-fall accident has recently opted to take such action.

Slip-and-fall accident results in civil lawsuit

Most businesses in California and across the country want to attract customers to their premises. In exchange, however, patrons expect that the premises are maintained to prevent their injury. Unfortunately, a woman in another state claims that she was injured as a result of a slip-and-fall accident at a Walmart that occurred as a result of the store's negligence.

Legal help following a California slip-and-fall accident

Many people in California may not realize how much of their overall physical well-being depends on the actions of others. Whenever inside a business or public location, we depend upon responsible parties to properly maintain the property to ensure our safety. Unfortunately, when negligence happens regarding the property of malls, grocery stores and city streets, among many other places, victims can be left suffering due to significant injuries that occurred in a slip-and-fall accident.

Walmart settles slip-and-fall lawsuit

Businesses in California and across the country want customers to enter their stores to make purchases. However, customers have a reasonable expectation that the property will be maintained in such a way as to prevent harm to them on the premises. When negligence occurs, those who suffer harm as a result may choose to file a premises liability lawsuit, such as one woman in another state chose to do following a slip-and-fall accident.

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