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Animal Bites

A high-profile dog attack

Dog attacks are usually characterized as outdoor events where an individual is attacked by a canine not properly restrained or off its leash. However, a recent and high-profile case of a mauling reveals that dangers also exist within the confines of a home. A...

What are the signs of an aggressive dog?

Dogs in California are a common sight, and many of them are friendly and sociable. However, these animals can be unpredictable, and when they do become aggressive, it can be a dangerous situation.  Even when a dog owner tells you that his or her animal is safe to...

Dog bite FAQ: What to do after an incident

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans become the victims of dog bite injuries. The number sounds unbelievable but people do not realize how common - and severe - dog bites can be. Dealing with a dog bite injury is stressful and not everyone knows how to...


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