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Bicycle Accidents

Making bicycling safer

As the history of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be written now and long into the future, one chapter, if not a significant part of any book, will cover the surge in travel by bicycle. The two-wheel, non-motorized transports provided an opportunity to be outdoors...

Older bicyclists must be more cautious

There’s no doubt about it, more health-conscious Californians aged 55 and older are riding bicycles whether for pleasure or a work commute. However, people within this age group must take extra care and preparation when it comes to safety and keeping injuries at bay....

Safety tips for California bicyclists

With spring in full force and summer inching closer, there’s no better time to enjoy more bicycling. Whether you’re a year-round California bicyclist, or you’ve been waiting for the right time to bring your bike out for a ride, there are necessary precautions you...

Bicycle safety is a nationwide issue

For some, cycling is a passion. For others, it's an occasional workout decision, and for many, its a mode of transportation and one that allows them to avoid the hassles of traffic. While the benefits of bicycling are wide-ranging, like improving your physical fitness...


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