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Burn Injuries Archives

The recovery time and process for burn injuries

Many Southern California residents may know that burn injuries can be notoriously hard to recover from, depending on the severity of the injury. And, burn injuries can happen in a wide variety of circumstances, such as work accidents, household accidents and - perhaps most commonly - car accidents. When a Southern California resident suffers a burn injury, no matter what the circumstances, the recovery time can be difficult.

What can you do if a firework accident resulted in burn injuries?

On the recent Independence Day holiday many of our readers in Southern California probably celebrated by either going to watch a fireworks display or by lighting off fireworks at their homes. This is just part of the tradition of celebrating the Fourth of July throughout the country. However, as common as enjoying a good fireworks show may be, our readers probably know that each year there are thousands of people who are injured by fireworks. What can a person do after suffering burn injuries due to a fireworks accident?

Helping burn victims protect their rights following an accident

Whether you are at work, traveling on the roadway or on another's property, one rarely constantly considers the various dangers, hidden or open, that he or she might encounter. Nonetheless, the unfortunate reality is that residents in California and elsewhere face numerous dangers each day. While this does not mean everyone will be a victim of an accident, it does mean that each person could become injured at any place or at any time. And in the event of an accident, a victim could face severe injuries.

Are victims being treated in 'verified' burn trauma centers?

San Diego area residents who have suffered burn injuries in an accident will likely need extensive -- and expensive -- treatments to recover. In some cases, the burns are so severe that the victims will have scars for the rest of their lives. In other cases, the burns could be bad enough that the victims may require difficult skin graft surgeries, or they may even be faced with the possibility of an amputation. These types of victims require the most specialized and dedicated care. But, are victims in the local area able to be treated at a "verified" burn trauma center?

The danger of radiation burn and exposure

When most San Diego residents think of burn injuries, they likely envision injuries that are caused by fire. However, there are other sorts of burn injuries as well, including those caused by radiation. Discussing radiation burns can conjure up old images from history class about the atomic weapons that were detonated in Japan during World War II. But, make no mistake, there are many people throughout America who face the danger of radiation burns and exposure every day, especially in certain workplaces.

Are there any new treatments for scars caused by burn injuries?

Burn injuries can be some of the most painful and debilitating injuries that a person can suffer, whether they are incurred from a car accident, work accident, or some other type of personal injury. Burns can destroy skin tissue, as well as deeper soft tissues if the burns are bad enough. California residents who suffer serious burn injuries will likely face weeks or even months of treatment and rehabilitation, sometimes in a burn trauma center. And even when they are finally discharged, most burn victims will likely have scars that will last a lifetime.

What is a chemical burn?

Previous posts here have touched on just how significant burn injuries can be for San Diego area residents who suffer these injuries in some type of accident. Some burn injuries can take years to heal, and many require specialized medical treatment, such as skin grafts. But, there is one type of burn injury that can be overlooked: a chemical burn.

Burn injuries can permanently impact lives

An unfortunate truth of the world is that there are numerous ways ourselves and our loved ones can be injured. Some of these injuries result in nothing more than a scrape or a bruise, but others can have much more serious implications and consequences. One such category of serious injuries is burn injuries.

Overview of the four degrees of burn injuries

Of all the potential injuries that a California resident could suffer as the result of an accident, burn injuries can be some of the most severely life-altering. A person who suffers a burn injury can face weeks of hospitalization in a burn trauma center receiving medical treatment and, if a burn is bad enough, that treatment could involve skin grafts, surgery or even amputation. However, not all burn injuries are the same. Many medical experts would point out to our readers that there are four degrees of burns.

What can you expect from a skin graft due to a burn injury?

A burn injury can be one of the most painful experiences that a person can go through. Many personal injury lawsuits involve victims who have suffered burn injuries, whether it is due to a workplace accident or a vehicle catching on fire during a motor vehicle accident. There are a variety of different treatments for burn injuries and, thankfully, medical advances are made every day. But, there is one particular type of treatment that our San Diego readers may have heard of before: a skin graft.

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