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What are the costs of bike crashes?

For a bicyclist who is a victim of a car accident, the last thing to think about is probably the expense that will be involved. Bicycle accidents are typically very serious collisions for a bicyclist, and if the bicyclist survives the accident the primary concern is getting emergency medical care and beginning what could be a long road to recovery. However, bicycle accidents do have a cost for our society, oftentimes due to negligent drivers.

The Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center keeps statistics and estimates in regards to the costs of pedestrian and bicyclist accidents in America. Take, for instance, the costs noted for the year 2012, which the agency garnered from the National Safety Council. In that year there were an estimated 49,000 bicyclist injuries that occurred in collisions with motor vehicles. Each event was estimated to have a cost of $58,700 - that equals over $2.8 billion in total costs. On top of that, in 2012 there were 726 bicyclists who were killed in accidents. Each of those events was estimated to have a cost of $4,538,000 - equaling a total amount of nearly $3.3 billion.

Our readers who are familiar with previous posts here know that bicyclists who are injured in a collision with a motor vehicle may be able to recover compensation, especially if the driver can be shown to have been negligent. If a bicyclist is killed in an accident, surviving family members may be entitled to compensation.

However, the real cost is in the pain, and time, that is associated with recovering from such a devastating accident. Compensation to cover medical expenses is one thing, but for those who go through these experiences there is much more to consider.

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