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Tesla accused of wrongful death in California accident

Technology has significantly changed how people in California and across the country live their lives. While advances may seem life-changing and create a desire for manufacturers to get products into the hands of consumers immediately, failure to properly test products for safety can unfortunately have serious, sometimes fatal, consequences. In fact, Tesla is now facing a wrongful death lawsuit after the family members of a deceased man claim that the company is beta testing its autopilot technology on live drivers.

The incident that led to the lawsuit happened on a day in March 2018. According to reports, a 38-year-old man was driving his Tesla to work on autopilot when the system allegedly steered the vehicle left, directly into a concrete highway median. The man's wife claims that he had complained about the vehicle steering toward the same barrier several times in the weeks before the accident, but the dealership could not find a problem when the couple took it in to be checked. Instead, they advised the man to continue driving the vehicle. Following the collision, the vehicle's battery caught fire.

California cyclist suffers serious injuries in collision

There are a variety of different methods to legally use California roadways. Though some users -- such as cyclists -- may face additional risks, if all users work together, the safety of everyone can be ensured. Unfortunately, reports indicate that a bicyclist recently suffered serious injuries following a collision with a motor vehicle.

The incident happened one afternoon on a day in early May. According to reports, a 52-year-old bicyclist was northbound on a California roadway. A 29-year-old in a motor vehicle allegedly approached her from behind, traveling at approximately 55 mph. Police believe that the man -- for unknown reasons -- allowed the vehicle to veer to the right off the road, striking the cyclist from behind.

Family questions road safety in California motorcycle crash

There are a variety of different factors that could ultimately have a role in an accident. In fact, the combination of a negligent driver and unsafe conditions can easily result in dire consequences. For example, a motorcyclist in California recently lost his life in a motorcycle crash.

That incident that led to the college student's death happened in Oct. 2018. According to reports, the victim was traveling south on a California highway. A 43-year-old man allegedly attempted an unsafe left turn into the motorcyclist's path, resulting in a crash.

State, federal officials urge hands-free phone ban for CA drivers

California is one of the most progressive states in the U.S. when it comes to taking a legal stand against distracted driving. We were one of the first states to pass laws making it illegal to do certain things while driving, such handling a cellphone to talk or text, eating, combing your hair or putting on makeup. A 2017 law went even further, banning drivers from holding cellphones at all.

The alternative is for drivers to use their smartphone hands-free, which is currently still legal in California. But experts agree that hands-free cellphone use behind the wheel still affects drivers' ability to focus on safety. With April being National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, it may be time to consider an outright ban on talking/texting and driving.

Woman sues businesses after injury in slip-and-fall accident

When a person in California or other area of the country suffers an injury, he or she often has difficulty paying the resulting medical bills. Between this financial hardship and the desire to force a negligent person or business to take action to prevent future harm to someone else, many victims often feel as if they have no option but to turn to litigation. A woman in another state who claims she was the victim of a slip-and-fall accident has recently opted to take such action.

The 70-year-old was reportedly Christmas shopping with her daughter in a downtown area. Reports indicate that she tripped on a curb that was located between two businesses, causing her to fall. The fall resulted in the loss of teeth in addition to gashes on her face.

Motorcycle accident claims life of woman in California

Many people enjoy traveling the open roads on motorcycles. However, just like when operating any vehicle, it takes control and concentration to ensure safe travels. Unfortunately, if a person consumes alcohol before driving, the chances of a motorcycle accident taking place increase.

It was recently reported that a fatal motorcycle accident occurred in California. Apparently, a 55-year-old woman was riding as a passenger on a motorcycle driven by a 47-year-old man. While traveling, the driver lost control of the motorcycle. It was unclear what exactly may have caused this loss of control, but the report did note that alcohol was a suspected factor in the accident. It was not mentioned what evidence may have supported this suspicion.

Woman charged after fatal accident in California

There are many drivers on California roadways who make attempts to ensure that their actions do not endanger themselves and those around them. Unfortunately, even safe drivers often find themselves unable to effectively respond when others do not take similar precautions. In fact, a woman was recently arrested after police claim she caused a fatal accident.

The crash happened during the early morning hours of a day in late March. According to reports, a 21-year-old driver was headed south on a California roadway when her vehicle struck the rear of a southbound Lyft vehicle with three occupants. Police say that her blood alcohol content was significantly over the legal limit at the time of the collision.

Car accidents: 5 injured when car crashes into restaurant

When eating at one's favorite restaurant, one doesn't expect to be the victim of a car crash. However, this is exactly what happened to patrons of a Carl's Jr. establishment in Huntington Park, California, recently. As with other car accidents caused by driver negligence, those injured may elect to pursue personal injury claims against the driver responsible if negligence can be established.

The incident occurred on Monday, April 1. The Los Angeles County Fire Department responded to a call that a car had crashed into the restaurant located on E. Florence Avenue. The silver sedan was reported to be completely inside the eatery, and employees of the restaurant reported they thought an earthquake was occurring because of the loud crash and resulting cloud of dust. Purportedly, the car had slammed through the drive-thru window and into the main dining area after jumping a curb on an adjacent street.

California right-of-way violation cause of motorcycle accident

There are a variety of different ways to utilize California roadways. As such, all drivers -- especially those in more traditional motor vehicles -- must remain aware of the possibility that they may encounter nontraditional users and take appropriate care to protect their safety. Unfortunately, the smaller size of motorcycles can make them less visible, and a motorcycle accident can occur if proper care is not taken.

In fact, reports indicate that a 56-year-old male motorcyclist recently lost his life in an accident on a California roadway. The incident reportedly happened during the early morning hours of a day in mid-March. According to police, the motorcyclist was headed west at the time of the collision. Police say that the 21-year-old driver of a pickup truck approached an intersection.

Fines against nursing homes have notably decreased

A change in how U.S. nursing homes are regulated has lowered the amount of fines they pay for violations. Overall, the government has cut fines by about 40 percent.

The administration says the new system is fairer to the nursing home industry. Critics say that lower fines mean less incentive to comply with patient safety laws. That lax policy could put nursing home residents at acute risk for injury, illness, abuse or neglect.

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