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Wrongful death: Teen killed in California collision; arrest made

Teenagers often have great plans for their future. They likely expect that in the coming years they will work toward their family and career goals. Unfortunately, the plans of a California teen were cut short after she was involved in a fatal car accident. Her surviving family members may be considering filing a wrongful death lawsuit as a result of their loss.

The accident that resulted in her death happened one evening on a day in January. According to reports, she was driving a sedan when she attempted a left turn at an intersection. Unfortunately, reports indicate that a woman driving a sports utility vehicle was speeding toward the intersection. The two vehicles collided.

Wrongful death: Pedestrian killed in California

Most pedestrians in California take measures to ensure their personal safety. Unfortunately, their lives could still be endangered due to the actions of others. In fact, the California Highway Patrol is investigating an accident involving a vehicle and a pedestrian that resulted in the loss of life. The victim's surviving family members could potentially decide to file a wrongful death lawsuit as a result of the incident.

Police were called to the scene one afternoon on a day in January after they were notified of an accident involving a pedestrian. Unfortunately, the 70-year-old woman struck by a vehicle owned by the local government was determined to be dead approximately 10 minutes after police received calls. The victim was apparently attempting to cross the road at an intersection when she was struck.

Common causes of slip-and-fall accidents indoors

When a person is lawfully on the premises of a property in California, there are certain standards that he or she should be able to reasonably expect will be met. For instance, a person expects that the property will be maintained in such a way that he or she will not be injured in slip-and-fall accidents due to poor conditions. If an owner did not take proper precautions to maintain the premises, he or she could be considered legally responsible for any injuries that result from a fall.

In general, floors are expected to be clean and free from debris. However, property owners must provide warnings that a floor is wet or provide barricades that close off a wet floor. Additionally, too much wax on a floor could create a fall hazard as could wax that is unevenly applied.

Car accidents: Man, woman seriously injured in California crash

At the end of the year, many people in California choose to socialize with friends and family that they may not see frequently throughout the year. During these activities, some people will choose to consume alcohol, prompting them to seek alternative methods of transportation, such as an Uber car. Unfortunately, even those who follow such a responsible course of action could be involved in car accidents caused by drunk drivers. For example, police believe that the accident that injured a young woman and man was caused by a driver who had been drinking.

Reports claim that the 21-year-old woman and her friend had been drinking earlier in the evening. As a result, they hired an Uber driver to transport them to another friend's house. Unfortunately, police claim that the driver of another vehicle ran a red light, striking the Uber car.

Slip-and-fall accidents: Student disabled in fall, lawsuit

The vast majority of schools in California and across the country go to great lengths to ensure the personal safety of their students from intruders. However, schools must put the same amount of energy into ensuring that property conditions do not cause slip-and-fall accidents. Unfortunately, a lawsuit against an elementary school in another state alleges that the school failed to do so.

The lawsuit involves a male student at the school and was filed by his mother on his behalf. Court papers claim that the victim slipped on a liquid substance that was on the floor when he entered a restroom during a recess period. He reportedly suffered injuries that are described as both severe and permanent in the fall.

Man suffers major injuries in California motorcycle accident

While all motorists and other users of California roadways face a certain degree of risk, motorcyclists often face additional risk of injury if involved in an accident due to the relative lack of protection provided by a motorcycle. Because of their smaller size, they also may be more difficult to see, making it necessary for all drivers to remain vigilant. Unfortunately, a man was recently seriously injured in a recent motorcycle accident.

The accident happened just before 7 p.m. on a day in mid-December. According to reports, a 35-year-old woman attempted a U-turn, turning into the path of the motorcyclist. As a result of the major injuries he suffered in the collision, he was taken to the hospital.

Senior evictions rising, as are complaints

Evictions from nursing homes and other senior care facilities have been rising for the last five years, especially here in California. As costs keep increasing, many seniors find that their insurance no longer covers the price of their care in the place where they have been living, sometimes for many years.

Complaints of improper evictions are rising along with it. The process is traumatic and often leaves vulnerable seniors without a place to stay. Along with these evictions there are often complaints of elder abuse and mistreatment as well.

California car accidents: Bus crash sends 29 to hospital

There are multiple different transportation options in California. While some people may choose to drive themselves, those traveling in large groups or going to a tourist destination may opt for a chartered bus. Regardless of the chosen method of transportation, if it involves the roadways, car accidents are a potential risk. For example, 29 people were sent to the hospital following an accident involving a chartered bus.

Reports indicate that the incident happened at approximately 8 p.m. on a day in early December. Police say that the bus struck the center median while traveling south on a California highway. Afterward, it is said to have crashed on the right side of the road.

California wrongful death: 4 killed by alleged drunk driver

The potential consequences of drinking and driving are well-known. Despite this, there are those in California who decide to put their personal safety as well as the safety of others they may encounter at risk by driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, officials claim that a recent fatal crash was caused by a drunk driver. In addition to criminal charges filed against the driver, surviving family members also have the option of filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

The crash happened on a day in late November. According to reports, a vehicle driven by a 47-year-old man struck an eastbound sedan, causing it to flip over a median into oncoming traffic. The driver of the sedan, a 50-year-old man, and his 14-year-old son were killed in the crash. Two other people, a 52-year-old man and his 12-year-old son, also lost their lives in the collision.

California motorcycle accident involving tanker proves fatal

When a motorcyclist becomes involved in an accident, there are few physical barriers to protect him or her, like those in place for occupants of more traditional motor vehicles. As a result, motorists in California must remain vigilant at all times. Unfortunately, a recent motorcycle accident involving a tanker recently proved fatal.

The incident happened before 6 a.m. on a morning in November. According to reports, a 37-year-old man was headed west on a motorcycle. Police indicate that a tanker truck attempted a left turn into the path of the motorcycle.

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