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Wrongful death: California couple killed in crash

Even in a short drive, a driver will likely encounter multiple traffic signs and signals. While it may be easy to become desensitized to such features, their overall importance makes it necessary for drivers to carefully attend to the information provided in these signs. Unfortunately, a recent crash in California -- that could ultimately lead to a wrongful death lawsuit -- has resulted in the loss of two lives.

The accident happened on an afternoon on a day in early July. According to police, the driver of a sedan failed to stop at a stop sign. As a result, the driver's vehicle allegedly struck a vehicle, causing it overturn multiple times before coming to a rest in a yard. Both occupants in the latter vehicle died at the scene.

California car accidents: 1 killed in head-on crash

States are concerned about preventing motor vehicle crashes. They often go to great lengths in attempt to protect drivers. While their efforts can help reduce the chances of car accidents occurring, the possibility cannot be completely eradicated due to drivers who are inattentive, for example. In fact, a recent crash in California resulted in a fatality.

The incident happened on a day in early July. According to reports, two vehicles collided head-on on Highway 65. One of the vehicles exited the road on the northbound side of the highway while the other excited on the southbound side. The former reportedly flipped and rolled as a result of the collision.

Wrongful death: California man charged after fatal hit-and-run

Car accidents happen every single day in California. While a driver is expected to take measures to prevent an accident -- such as obeying posted speed limits -- it is certainly expected -- and legally required -- that he or she will stop to render aid in the event an accident does occur. Unfortunately, a young man is now facing criminal charges following an accident that could also result in a wrongful death lawsuit.

The incident happened during the early morning hours of a day in June. According to reports, the 50-year-old victim was riding a motorcycle in the southbound lanes of a California interstate. The man was reportedly struck from behind by a sedan driven by a 20-year-old male.

California wrongful death: Man charged following fatal crash

There are basic traffic laws that must be obeyed to ensure all roadway users' safety. While most people are generally willing to do so, being under the influence of drugs or alcohol can impair a person's ability to make rational decisions while they are driving, putting the lives of many at risk and potentially resulting in a wrongful death. In fact, a man in California now faces multiple criminal charges after police say his actions resulted in a woman's death.

The incident happened at approximately 9:30 p.m. on a day in mid-June. Police say that a 24-year-old man was headed south on a California roadway when he made a pass described as "unsafe." As a result, his vehicle allegedly struck a pickup truck containing a man, woman and three children.

Woman settles with city following slip-and-fall accident

Most pedestrians in California and other areas of the country know to be aware of certain hazards they may encounter while using city sidewalks. Unfortunately, even the most cautious of pedestrians can suffer a fall if business owners and cities do not sufficiently maintain sidewalks. In fact, a woman in another state claims that she was injured in a slip-and-fall accident that occurred as a result of negligence.

The woman fell in Oct. 2013, with reports indicating that she was "badly injured." She reportedly made a purchase at a store before exiting it and tripping on an exposed bolt said to be used to secure a garbage can. As a result, she filed a lawsuit against both the city and the business.

Young girl killed in California car accident

There are many inherent risks involved with riding in a vehicle that weighs several thousand pounds and travels at high rates of speeds. Fortunately, there are multiple steps that drivers in California and across the country can take to help avoid being involved in a car accident. When drivers fail to take certain precautions, however, such as avoiding driving when they are overtired, there are often serious ramifications.

In fact, a young California girl recently lost her life in a car accident. Police say the incident involved three vehicles. According to reports, the driver of a northbound vehicle fell asleep while driving. As a result, the vehicle reportedly struck a second vehicle in the rear, causing the latter to strike the third vehicle involved. The force of impact caused the second vehicle to overturn.

Man arrested in California following drunk driving accident

Many drivers in California are attentive at all times. They drive defensively and go to great lengths to ensure that their actions do not cause an accident. Unfortunately, some are unable to avoid a driver who maneuvers suddenly and unexpectedly. In fact, police made an arrested following a recent drunk driving accident that resulted in a fatality and three injuries.

The incident happened just before midnight on a day in late May. According to reports, a 23-year-old man steered his car from the fast lane on a California freeway into the lane right of him. When he did so, police say, his vehicle struck a vehicle in that lane. The driver of the second vehicle is said to have lost control, causing the vehicle to strike a guardrail before rolling 150 to 250 feet down an embankment.

Fatality, injuries reported in California traffic accident

For most people in California, Memorial Day weekend is a time of family and gratitude for those who gave their life for their country. While people honor the holiday in different ways, at least one family will now remember the weekend for a different reason -- the death of a loved one in a traffic accident. In addition to the fatality, several other people were injured.

Reports indicate that the crash involved multiple vehicles and happened just after 5:30 p.m. on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. Officials claim that three or four vehicles were involved. One woman lost her life after being transported to the hospital.

California motorcycle accident investigated following fatality

Drivers in California and across the country often face multiple hazards as they drive. Even what appears to be a day with high visibility and low traffic can ultimately turn tragic. As a result, all drivers must remain vigilant at all times to ensure that their actions do not cause harm to others. Unfortunately, a recent motorcycle accident has resulted in a man's death.

The incident happened one afternoon on a day in mid-May. According to the California Highway Patrol, the 32-year-old victim was riding a motorcycle at approximately 30 mph. Reports claim that a driver attempting to turn left turned into his path.

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