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Car accidents: Police investigate serious collision

It is necessary for many people in California to utilize state roads as they go about their day-to-day lives. While most motorists go to great lengths to drive safely, car accidents often still occur due to the unavoidable actions of others. Unfortunately, two drivers were recently airlifted to the hospital after they were involved in a serious collision.

Many of the details regarding the collision are unclear. However, it occurred just after 3 p.m. on a day in early November. According to reports, one of the vehicles involved was struck by a second. The driver of the first reportedly suffered "major trauma" and was transported to the hospital by helicopter.

Are pet owners responsible when their “friendly” dog bites?

The vast majority of dog bites involve domestic dogs (someone’s pet). In fact, the victim is typically familiar with the animal and its owner.

What happens when a normally friendly pooch suddenly bites someone? Can a dog owner be held accountable if their pet has never attacked anyone before? What if the owner is a neighbor, friend or family member? A serious dog bite may lead to medical bills and lasting harm – putting you in the awkward position of initiating legal action.

Wrongful death: Arrest made following California crash

The dangers of drinking and driving are well-publicized. Unfortunately, many people in California and across the country fail to heed warnings about the potential harm they can cause when they get behind the wheel of a car after consuming alcohol. Now a family may be considering a wrongful death lawsuit after police say a woman was killed in an accident caused by a driver who was under the influence of alcohol.

The incident happened on a day in late October. According to reports, an 81-year-old woman was traveling north on a California interstate. Unfortunately, the California Highway Patrol claims that a 57-year-old woman was traveling the wrong way in the northbound lanes, causing a head-on collision.

Slip-and-fall accidents: Convenience store lawsuit proceeds

When a person in California is lawfully on a property, he or she should be able to reasonably expect that it is safe to be there. If a property owner or manager is aware -- or should be aware -- of certain conditions that could potentially result in harm, a duty exists to correct such conditions. Failure to do so could result in slip-and-fall accidents. After a woman in another state reportedly fell in the parking lot of a convenience store, she decided to take action against the store.

The incident that led to the woman's fall happened in June 2014. According to her, she slipped on parts of a sandwich that had been discarded in a parking lot. She filed a lawsuit against the store in 2016.

Wrongful death: Woman arrested following fatal California crash

Because of the potential consequences of drinking and driving, significant effort is made to educate the general public. Despite these efforts, however, people in California and across the country continue to put lives at risk by getting behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, police say that a recent crash further illustrates the dangers of such behavior. Although an arrest has been made, a wrongful death lawsuit could also follow.

The crash happened on an evening in October. According to reports, a vehicle driven by a 20-year-old female crossed into oncoming traffic. As a result, it collided with a car. The first vehicle continued on before striking a second vehicle. One witness claims that one of the vehicles was hauling chickens, and the accident scattered them across the highway.

California car accidents: Car crashes into pedestrians

For the many feats of strength that the human body can perform, a person's body can be relatively fragile. Modern medicine can now heal wounds that would be been a death sentence several decades ago; however, treatments can often be expensive and lengthy. Unfortunately, injuries suffered in car accidents can often leave victims in California in the hospital for a significant period of time.

The victims of a recent crash could potentially require extensive medical treatment. Police say that they were called to the scene of the accident just after 2 p.m. on a day in October. According to reports, a 37-year-old woman began driving north in the southbound lanes.

Test your knowledge of tractor-trailers and truck drivers

It might save a life some day.

Truckers get a bad rap, but drivers of cars and SUVs also cause or contribute to truck accidents by failing to keep a healthy distance. If the public had a better understanding of tractor-trailers and what truck drivers are dealing with, we might be able to prevent more injuries and deaths.

Wrongful death lawsuit possible follow California highway crash

Conditions on California highways can change at any given moment. Traffic can slow or weather can worsen making it necessary for all drivers to remain vigilant. Unfortunately, a recent crash could ultimately result in a wrongful death lawsuit.

The accident happened in the westbound lanes of a California highway just after 8 a.m. According to reports, the driver of a sedan slowed as a result of an unrelated collision involving a motorcycle that happened earlier. Unfortunately, reports indicate that the sedan was struck in the rear by a sports utility vehicle. Several other vehicles were ultimately involved in the collision.

Wrongful death: Teenager killed in California crash

Teenagers often have grand plans for their future. Regardless of whether their plans include a college education or the size of their families, they typically have something to which they look forward. Unfortunately, any plans a California teen may have had have come to an end after she died in a car crash. Her surviving family members may choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit as a result of the crash.

The incident happened one evening on a day in late September. Reports indicate that the 19-year-old victim was a passenger in a sedan traveling north on a California highway. Police say that the driver of the vehicle, a 20-year-old man, admitted that he lost control, causing the vehicle to exit the roadway before flipping several times.

Car accidents: Speed, DUI suspected in fatal California crash

There are likely times when a California driver knows that there are more risks involved in driving and more attention needs to be paid. For example, drivers likely are more cautious when driving in heavy traffic in poor weather conditions. However, most people have few worries about being involved in car accidents while in stopped traffic.

Unfortunately, police say that a 62-year-old man lost his life in a recent collision near a California intersection. Witnesses claim that a 38-year-old man was driving at a high rate of speed when he came upon stopped traffic. He is said to have lost control of his vehicle, causing it to crash into the back of another vehicle. Five other vehicles were ultimately involved in the crash.

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