The Wide World Of People Not Caring Enough

You have heard the word tort. It is an old legal term meaning injury or wrong done to you. Personal injury law is a tool allowing ordinary people to fight back when they have been wronged by the negligence of another.

Negligence can be active, like someone rear-ending your car, or passive, as when a big box store fails to clean up a spill in aisle 8.

We have compiled this list of classic acts of negligence that commonly occur in the world around us. The lawyers at The Ellis Firm, APLC, of Temecula, California, have experience and a track record of success in all these areas.

Top 10 Acts of Negligence

  1. A nurse administers the wrong medication and your mother nearly dies from the reaction.

  2. A driver is more interested in talking on a cellphone than seeing you cross the street.

  3. The dog across the street escapes from the yard and bites your daughter on her arms and face.

  4. A motorist uses the same old excuse when he turns into your motorcycle: "I didn't see him there."

  5. You are attacked and stabbed in the mall parking lot.

  6. A restaurant serves ceviche and 30 people wind up in the emergency room with food poisoning.

  7. A truck company puts a driver on the road who couldn't pass a medical test and then piles into a minivan.

  8. A pharmaceutical company releases a new drug without acknowledging serious side effects.

  9. A new tire blows out at high speed and causes your car to skid into a ditch.

  10. You trip in a store stairwell because the light has burned out.

Our firm exists to protect your rights when you are harmed because someone didn't think your safety was an important consideration.

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